The Inspiration Behind “North”:
Turkana County, situated in the northern part of our beautiful country,Kenya, has been a revelation in every sense. The stark differences in climate, culture, and diversity have left an indelible mark on my creative spirit. The sun, which shines brightly upon this land, casts a mesmerizing reflection on the horizon of the lakes, creating a breathtaking orange hue. This captivating phenomenon became the foundation of my collection, and I decided to incorporate the warm and vibrant colour of orange into its initial pieces.

Caught between longing and letting go, as the sun’s warm farewell lingers, uncertain if it’s goode or a promise of tomorrow’s embrace.
Engaging in a playful game of hide and seek with the brilliant sun, as it coyly peeks from behind a desert tree. In that moment of wonder, I can’t help but whisper and say, ‘Peek-a-boo, darling, it’s just you and me.’ 🌞🌿✨
As the sun warms the horizon, casting its gaze upon the waters of Lake Turkana, it seems to gleefully watch the fishing net, pondering how the fish could possibly miss such an obvious approach. Nature’s playful spectacle unfolds at dawn’s embrace.


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