Title: Embracing Change: My Journey from the Capital City to Turkana County

Life has a peculiar way of pushing us towards new horizons, beckoning us to explore the unknown. In my pursuit of something meaningful and different, I made a bold decision to leave the comfort of my capital city and venture into Turkana County, a marginalised community classified under Arid and Semi-Arid Lands characterized low rainfall receiving an annual mean of 300- 400mm, high temperatures and sandy soils. This journey ignited my creativity and gave birth to the idea of a fashion collection called “North,” inspired the remarkable essence of this northern region. As I embraced the dynamic shift of my fashion compass, I realized that this collection would be a representation of where I want my dreams to rise.

Behold this AI-generated portrayal of my profound sense of loneliness immersed in a vibrant, orange-hued reservoir of creativity, capturing the essence of my emotional depth through art and innovation.
An evocative depiction of nearly flawless, pristine vistas marred the juxtaposition of scorching heat, delicate butterflies, and prickly thorns, revealing the complexities and contradictions inherent in nature’s beauty.


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